Nozomi's Back!

The title is a bit misleading because Nozomi only spent one night at the vet this past week. What I mean to say is that Nozomi is back to normal. After 53 hours, she finally went poo, and it was a normal one. Her appetite has been quite ferocious as of late, and she's drinking a normal amount of water. While it's probably premature to celebrate, it certainly feels like the puppy is back to her normal self.

Nozomi will remain "under observation" for the next day and, so long as everything's good to go, she'll get her first walk in a week around lunchtime tomorrow. I'm sure there are all sorts of scents and smells that she's just itching to go an explore.

Nozomi During Happier Times

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The camera will certainly get a workout during tomorrow's little trek …