Where Are All the Personal Blogs?

Blogging seemed to be everywhere a little over a decade ago. Anyone and everyone had their own site. People were commenting and pinging each other with aplomb. Technorati was a way to find interesting sites rather than just another advertising network. The way we interact with each other online has evolved immensely since those early days of blogging, but millions still write for their own site to share hobbies, passions, knowledge, and just about anything else one might want to read about. The problem is finding these sites without the use of the big, social silos that have all but put website discovery behind a paywall1. Search engines can help find sites on specific topics, of course. The trouble is sifting through all the commercial sites to find the non-profit ones that haven't been abandoned.

There has got to be a better way …

  1. Facebook, Twitter, and other large companies may not charge people money to use their services, but they're most certainly not free.