Not the Target Audience

After what is probably a decade, a number of industry RSS feeds have been removed from my reader as it's become clear that I am no longer the target audience. At one time these sites were places where authors would share news about W3C standards, or upcoming ideas, conferences, books, and other generally positive things. However, it seems that since sometime around mid-2014, a number of these once-interesting sites have turned into platforms for authors to encourage political activism. Being vocal about just causes can certainly be a good thing, but it's not the reason why I subscribed to the site all those years ago.

This is to be expected, of course. Objectives change over time. Readership changes. Readers, too. It does make me wonder, though. Just what sort of audience am I now?

Over the last few years I've moved away from a number of websites as topics have become incredibly biased in one direction or another. I've moved away from certain software that were once daily tools because of updates that appeal to a wider, less-specific group of customers. I've even stopped reading most serial novels as the current trend seems to involve setting the fictional universe ablaze for the most asinine of reasons.

Ultimately, these creations that I once looked forward to started to become predicable and boring. So this raises a question: at what point does a person feel they are no longer the target audience for a thing, and what can be done to stay relevant?