Remembering to Breathe

Like many people around the world, I tend to work a little too hard when sitting in front of the computer. I'm very fortunate to be working on not one, not two, but four different projects for different groups of people to solve different objectives with ultimately the same goal. Very few people can say this. And while I might shout and holler when managers get in the way and make decisions I strongly disagree with, things could genuinely be worse. So why get worked up about things?

A few weeks ago I changed my desktop background to this one showing Calvin & Hobbes enjoying an idyllic day in a tree. The colours are gorgeous and these two friends are enjoying so much of what makes life great. When I start to feel the buildup of stress and anxiety, I make it a habit to minimize all of the applications currently open on the various computers I use to essentially stop and breathe.

Calvin & Hobbes — Chilling in a Tree

When the rage and frustration that comes from being too invested in a thing starts to get a little out of hand, it's important to step back for a few moments to ask ourselves if what we're feeling is really worth it. In my case, I need to remember to read emails twice, wait fifteen minutes before responding, and above all, breathe.