Keeping a Dry Nose

Dameon has recently announced that he's going to take a break from releasing episodes of his PhoneBoy Speaks podcast, and I don't blame him. A lot of the English-speaking web (that I generally stick to) has lots its mind over the last 12 months, with the most recent two weeks being particularly difficult to parse. A lot of people are expressing an abundance of emotions and, given that both Dameon and I have difficulty parsing people's actions at the best of times, the last few weeks have been nothing short of exhausting. This isn't to say that everybody should ignore what's going on in the world, but we should make a little bit of space in order to rationally think about what's happening, how it affects us and the people we know, and then focus on what we can do to improve the situation for everybody.

More than this, though, I've been wondering what I can do to help the people who wish to actively campaign for their causes. Lots of people are using services like Medium and to share their message with the world, but could 10Centuries be used in the same way? It's nowhere near as popular as the big names, but the tools are there for people to use. There's also the podcast distribution element with iTunes and Google Play support that people have at their disposal, which — while not as popular or visually compelling as YouTube — is an effective way to communicate ideas.

As a Canadian living in Japan, there's very little that I can do that can directly bring about positive change in the numerous countries around the world. What I can do, however, is make sure that tools exist to allow others to effectively bring about that change.