Typhoon Season

The autumn typhoon season has long been one of my favourite times of year since moving to Japan. The summer heat and humidity is broken by walls of water falling from the sky and vicious winds that send the dirt, dust, and loose debris from around the country on a one-way trip to North Korea. Today's slow-moving storm is a wonderful sight to behold … despite the havoc it plays on the public transit systems.

Typhoons Nearing Japan

I strongly feel that people need to have a deep appreciation for just how powerless humans are when confronted with the raw forces of nature. This is one of the reasons I enjoy storms so much. Sure, our buildings are built pretty strong and we can enjoy the protection afforded by brick and concrete structures, but looking outside offers us a profound spectacle that proves just how weak we are. It's with tools that we overcome this frailty, and it's with charity that we share protection with others.

I wouldn't want to be a dog stuck outside on a leash.