I Was Going to Write a Blog Post

I was going to write a blog post … but I forgot what subject I wanted to tackle. Was it about how the local news in Hamilton, Ontario has barely changed in the last 25 years? I don't think so. Was it about the recent difficulties I've had effectively communicating ideas in a coherent manner at work? I don't think so. Was it about a recent desire to start a new hobby, one that doesn't involve electronic devices at all? No … I don't think that was it, either.

What the heck did I want to write about? Maybe the new podcast Jeremy Cherfas and I have together?

Why Can't We?

A few weeks ago the very first episode of Why Can't We … ? was quietly released and it's managed to build a growing audience. We're just three episodes in, but we've asked questions about finding cars in crowded places, data backup processes, and even the difficulties in building a decent podcast recommendation engine. If you've ever wondered why, given the incredible number of really intelligent people we have on the planet, certain everyday problems haven't been solved yet, this might be the show for you.

You can subscribe in iTunes and wherever great podcasts are found.