Just Can't Shake It

The last few weeks of long hours have taken their toll, and I've been unable to write anything substantial as a result. If the current pace at work continues, I'll be on the way to burnout before the end of September.

Writer's Block

It wasn't too long ago when I would write three blog posts a day. One for this site, another for The Carbon Blog¹, and a third for a larger site under a pseudonym. This would often be done during the short breaks throughout the day, and there was always something to write about. Now I tend to be a little more choosy about what I write, and where it can be published. That said, when one is struggling to get ideas out in some readable fashion, there's nothing to be choosy about. Nothing gets published.

Hopefully this blah will dissipate as the summer heat gives way to typhoons and cooler temperatures. Despite the cognitive struggles, there is a lot of good going on. And sooner or later, that good will transfer into creative energy.