Starting The "No, Thank You" Diet

Over the last couple of months my weight has been pretty stable at around 89kg. At some point in the last week, though, I've gone over the 90kg mark. This is despite my attempts to reduce the amount of sugar I eat and the elimination of soda from my lifestyle. What gives? Why can I not drop the weight and keep it off?

Well, today I start my new diet. One that I'll call the "No, Thank You" diet as it basically means abstaining from anything outside of regular eating hours. Breakfast is typically had around 7:30 in the morning, and dinner is between 8:00 and 8:30 at night. Lunch I'll need to set at 1:00pm to act as a balance between the two, and there will be absolutely no snacking in-between. More than this, only the breakfast coffee will have milk in it. Every cup thereafter will be black, to reduce even further the amount of sugar and fat that I put into my body.

Hopefully by doing this along with some simple exercises, I'll be able to get back down to 75kg come February 1. Unfortunately the difficulty doesn't really lie in losing the weight insomuch as keeping it off. I've lost lots of weight numerous times, but I've always rebounded right back. I need to drop it and keep it off going forward …