All This ... From That?

Sometimes, while washing the dishes, I'll look at the desk where I tend to work while at home and see something truly amazing; the tools I use on a day-to-day basis.

Growing up I was accustomed to seeing most of the male role models around me have hundreds or thousands of tools spread across basements, sheds, cars, and just about any other place where they could put them where their wives would allow. Nobody had one or two screwdrivers, but a wide range for just about every situation that might arise. Nobody had a single hammer, but several which could be used for fine work or raw destruction. Buckets and jars were filled with screws, nuts, bolts, nails, and just about anything else that might be called upon in a pinch to solve an immediate problem. My grandfather — the one who indirectly inspired me to create 10Centuries — had a full wood-working shop complete with a pair of lathes, a bandsaw, and a table saw large enough to cut and quarter a Honda Civic.

Wood-working Shop

He loved his tools almost as much as his family …

When my parents were my age, I was an insufferable 15. At that time in my life, I was just starting to learn about computers and programming, but art and architecture were my passions. Despite my youth, I had a wealth of pencils, paper, art books, paper, canvas tools, paper, paints, paper, brushes, paper, rulers of all kinds, and more paper. Did I mention I had a lot of paper? My bedroom was a veritable fire hazard for all the kindling it had. I couldn't go a single day without turning five to ten A4-sized sheets of paper into something.

That's all changed, though. Today the vast majority of my tools can all fit inside the carry bag I take to work everyday. A pair of paper notebooks, 3 pens, 1 pencil, a phone, a pair of microphones, and a 13" computer; which is arguably the most valuable tool I own, as it's used extensively every day for just about every creative thing I do.

This is what runs through my head sometimes while I'm washing the dishes. I earn my livelihood with these tools. I relax and unwind with these tools. I help people solve technical problems with these tools. Everything is done with the same ten tools …

And I find it absolutely amazing.