This Constitutes "Serious Literature" at the Vet

Today was a day のぞみ could have done without1, as we made the trek to the vet to get her annual vaccinations. While talking with the staff, we were presented with a pamphlet explaining some of the terrible things that today's vaccination would protect our little puppy from. After a cursory glance over the material, and I was wondering just how serious some of these issues really were.

Let's go through some of the images, shall we?

That doesn't look very good … but it's still sort of cute. That 犬パルボウイルス doesn't look very enjoyable, though. This would be even harder for のんちゃん as she couldn't possibly hold herself over the toilet like that2.

That looks even worse! But it's still quite cute. I'm confused …

Perhaps I'm not yet desensitized to all of the illustrations that permeate the medical documents people receive.