One Thousand Quakes

Since the devastating magnitude 9 earthquake that shook much of Japan on March 11th, 2011, one thousand quakes and aftershocks have shook the nation and left millions scrounging for cover.

According to the Japan Quake Map, the 1000th earthquake occurred at 15:08 PM today and was measured at a magnitude of 5.7 and a very shallow depth of 14km. While a 5.7 would be seen as big in most places around the world, life in Tokyo didn't even pause to notice the swaying buildings and background rumble. It's this last fact that worries me the most, as it means we're becoming way too accustomed to these quakes and may over-estimate our safety factor.

Japan Quake Map | 1000 Earthquakes

Some people are saying that we can expect to have larger-than-average quakes for the next few years, and I really hope the prediction is wrong. The people of Japan need to trust the ground beneath their feet again so we can continue rebuilding all that's been lost.

If you haven't seen the Japan Quake Map, I recommend you take a look. It's really nice.