Back in Kashiwa

This won't be a long post by any stretch of the imagination. Just wanted to let friends and family know that Reiko and I have returned from 岐阜県 to find our home in pretty much the same condition that we left it in. There was quite a bit of dust, and a lot of yuck in the kitchen sink … but it's all gone now. のんちゃん was quite nervous for the whole trip, so it's safe to say that she hates trains. That said, she loves to ride in the car …

I'm happy to be back home and looking forward to getting back to the office tomorrow yet, at the same time, I'm not quite sure what to make of the current water situation.

On tonight's news there was a report that the water around Tokyo is showing elevated levels of radioactive materials, and an advisory has gone out that young children and pregnant women should not drink from the tap. Considering how I drink around 2 liters a day, I'm not quite sure what to make of this announcement. Sure, in small doses, the isotopes may not post any long-term damage … but Reiko and I would like to have children relatively soon. Will this problem create any problems for us?

From tomorrow I'll try not to drink any water "newer" than March 11th … but it'll be tricky as heck going forward to drink only old coffee, soda, and juice. These products will run out rather quickly with nobody drinking from the city supplies.