Kashiwa's Field of Dreams?

A Snowy Field In Japan With Footsteps …

This field is directly in front of my house, and has been fallow since the wife and I moved to 柏市. A farmer will come along every two months to till the soil and, aside from this, there is never a human seen on this relatively large plot of land. Considering how people tend to use each spare bit of ground to grow vegetables around the cities in Japan, I've wondered why this particular field has been left empty for so long. Thanks to yesterday's dusting of snow, it seems the answer has presented itself: the field is haunted.

It is not uncommon to see footsteps on this field after it has been tilled, after a rainfall, or after it snows. What is uncommon, though, is a set of footsteps that reach all the way across the field. We can see that four sets of prints are leading from the middle of the field and no further. This clearly indicates only one of two possibilities:

  • people stand in the middle of the field for great lengths of time, then leave the area only after the soil looks untouched
  • the exit from Hotel California has been found
  • ghosts of deceased baseball players return to Earth to play the game they love

The first two are about as absurd as homeopathy, so that leaves only the third explanation … right?