Android vs. iOS (Part MCMXCIV)

John Gruber wrote an interesting piece today discussing some of the key differences between Android and iOS apps and, while it's not a new subject, the points he raises are presented far better than other writers have been able to string together. The gist of the article states that while Android phone sales have certainly exceeded iPhones in 2010, developers have yet to flock to the platform or provide the caliber of quality application like we can find on Apple's iOS (or even Microsoft's month-old Windows Phone 7).

Looking at my own experience with Android apps, I am forced to agree.  Android apps today remind me an awful lot of that period when people were still running Windows 3.1 software on Windows 95 and 98 systems. The underlying system is fresh, powerful, and full of potential … yet the very pieces of software that are supposed to enhance our experience seem to come from a time long since past.