Welcome Home, Nozomi-chan!

Nozomi-chan - On Her First Day HomeThis day has been years in the making, and it's finally arrived; Reiko and I are now the proud caretakers of an over-excited puppy named Nozomi.

Reiko has wanted a puppy for years, but we've never had the chance to bring one home for one reason or another.  While living with the in-laws, they didn't want a dog running around for obvious reasons. While living at our home in Haba, we couldn't have a dog because the landlords forbade it.  But here in Kashiwa we were lucky enough to find a place that had both decent rent and allowed pets larger than a beetle.

Welcome to your new home, Nozomi-chan.

Nozomi is a female miniature dachshund, born on May 7th of this year.  Although she's only been a part of the family for three hours we already know the following things about her:

  • she loves to eat human toes
  • she loves to play
  • she refuses to use the potty (despite being trained)
  • she doesn't eat food all at once, instead choosing to eat a bit before playing and returning to repeat the pattern

All in all, she's the model for over-excited, energetic puppies everywhere.