Taking It One Step Further

At the end of November I claimed success when I reached an accumulated score of 10,000円 in the classic game of Solitaire.  However, despite saying that I'd set the game aside and spend more time doing other things, I cannot stop there.  So, since hitting the 10,000円 mark, the game has been taken one step further: 20,000円.

The nice thing about playing this game on a Windows Mobile device is that, unlike the PC version, we cannot use any keyboard cheats to get ahead in the game.  Every game is played Vegas Style with 3 card draw.  Anything less would be … well … boring.

So, after an incredible number of games, and a hideous losing streak that saw me lose 6,800円 before breaching 15,000円 just before Christmas, I'm happy to say that it is certainly possible to reach 20,000円.

Solitaire | Almost at 20,000!Solitaire | 20,000 Defeated!

The new goal is to reach and surpass 32,767円.  Hopefully I'll be able to do this before March.  Who needs a Nintendo DS, PSP, or iPhone when the classics can be just as addictive and frustrating?