Coffee Reviews: Boss Silky Black

Suntory's BOSS Silky Black CoffeeThe lengths some of us will go for a good cup of coffee can be quite extraordinary sometimes, especially when we're in another land.  As a person who enjoys coffee perhaps more than is normal, I've tried my fair share of brands.  It would be nice to say that many of the brands have been enjoyable but, sadly, I can't.  This is particularly true of canned coffees, which are nowhere near as delicious as a freshly brewed cup from the local cafe.  So, in an effort to help people find the best coffees in the land of Japan, I'll review the various brands that are found at convenience stores and in vending machines.   Today we'll examine Suntory's BOSS Silky Black.

The first canned coffee that I had after landing in Japan back in 2006 was of Suntory's BOSS brand.  It wasn't the best, but it kept the caffeine-withdrawal headaches away for those 12 days in April.  Today's can was little different.

Aroma [rating: 70/100]
Flavour [rating: 55/100]
Aftertaste [rating: 33/100]
Caffeine [rating: 90/100]
[rating:overall 5]

One of the most appealing aspects of this canned coffee is the aroma.  For people who enjoy a nice cup of black coffee every now and again, they'll enjoy the dark aroma that wafts from the inviting beverage. Unfortunately, neither the flavour or aftertaste were appealing enough to warrant finishing the can. After getting through just half of the coffee, I was reaching for the creme to soften the bitter taste, and a mint in an effort to reduce the lingering aftertaste.

Why Suntory decided to name this particular blend "Silky" is no doubt similar to the reasoning behind doctors telling children that their flu shots won't hurt, as there's nothing silky about it.  Perhaps they used silk worms as flavouring to hide the taste of aluminum can, I really don't know.  That said, if you're looking for a quick boost of caffeine, Suntory's BOSS Silky Black will certainly do the trick.

Disclaimer: I paid for this coffee with my own money and have never had any contact with representatives of Suntory before writing this review.