Stop Using WordPress to Microblog!

Before the negative comments start coming in, hear me out on this one.

There has been an incredible trend lately with people who claim to be bloggers using their full-sized blogs to microblog, and it needs to stop. We all know of at least one person that consistently does this, and when we ask them about their terrible habit, the answer is always the same: "I don't have time to write a full post".

That's funny, because I don't have time to load all of your ads, plugins, and other rich content just to see a single poorly-worded sentence or maybe a link to someone else's site with no explaination as to why the link exists.

So you're going to Barbados for a week, who cares? You won't post pictures, anyways. You don't have time, right?

Oh, you're going to some blogger's convention and giving a speech? Big whoop-di-doo. When was the last time you actually wrote something with more than 2 sentences on your site? 2005? Guess what? We don't care!

I've been blogging for just about three years (almost a year and a half on, and I've seen so many people who were once great bloggers reduce their character footprint to that of a kindergarten child. Yet, despite this lack of content, these sites continue to exist and are now 98% advertisements with 1.9% accidental text and 0.1% of creativity. I wouldn't be so irked by these pages if they didn't command so much SERP power … when I'm searching for something online, the last thing I want to see is one of these sites.Microblogging on MSN Messenger

Seriously, people … if you want to microblog, consider Jaiku,, Tumblr, Twitter or (better yet) that little space you have on MSN Messenger that'll let you write whatever the heck you want to write. Chances are high that your little microblogging snippets that you write will actually reach the intended audience. The real benefit with these platforms is that you can do it all from a mobile phone. Perfect for those people always on the go, right?

Sure, I might be coming off a little hard on these bloggers.  It is their site, after all, and they can do whatever they want.  The same can be said with this site, where I will write my longer posts of semi-questionable quality.  But what really bugs me about these full-sized microblogging sites is the amount of bandwidth we waste with no return.  If they want to microblog, that's fine, but it should be done properly.  We shouldn't try fitting a square peg into a round hole.