Being Sick Sucks

Home Flu TreatmentOh what fun … after a long week at work, I get to spend my only two days off sicker than a dog.  Hip hop horray 😕

Being sick is just part of the whole "being human" package, but when there just isn't time for illness it makes me wonder why we haven't found some way to postpone the inevitable.  Heck, I'd gladly forfeit seven days a year if it meant I'd be healthy the other 51 weeks.  Why hasn't science figured out how to do such things?

The last time I had caught the flu was during the last few days of my Christmas trip to Japan.  I felt awful on the train to Osaka, I felt worse at the airport.  The free upgrade to business class was certainly enjoyable … but the next two days in Canada were pretty harsh.  Good thing I wasn't really expected to accomplish too much at work … 😕

Luckily, my Reiko has been here to help me feel better.  She's managed to rearrange our schedule, yet again, to deal with this setback and she's helped me feel 1000% better just by letting me rest.  Unfortunately, this means that I haven't had the opportunity to write much, but I promise this is about to change.

That said, it's time for yet another nap.  Hopefully this doesn't cut into my work schedule … I'd hate it if my employer thought I wasn't reliable.