Flying Cars only Two Years Away?

This is pretty cool.  I was watching "Future Cars" on Discovery tonight and they happened to have a piece on the SkyCar produced by Moller International.  According to the site, these are darn near ready for production.

This does raise the question, though … is the general public ready for travel in three dimensions?  I've seen some crazy accidents that were completely avoidable had someone been paying attention.  Could you imagine the blind spots on a vehicle that could navigate not only on the X and Y axis, but the Z as well?

One of the nice things about this vehicle, though, is the sticker price.  These are likely not affordable by the people who buy Porsche and BMW SUV's while being too short to see over the dash.  Then again … this would be Darwin's theory in practice, right?  Survival of the fittest will quickly weed out the people who do not have spacial awareness. :wink: 

But I am interested to know what kind of licencing will be necessary for this.  I'm sure that we would need to have a basic pilot's licence, but what would we do about air traffic?  Could these even be used in cities that have large airports?

I would love to have one of these, personally.  I'd love nothing more than to fly between Canada and Japan with Reiko (following the coast, considering the 750 mile range) every time we both had some vacation time.  Eventually when we're married, this vehicle would give us the option to either visit her family, or to visit the east coast of Canada where she could take in the sights of Nova Scotia and PEI.

Flying cars have been the stuff of science fiction since Henry Ford introduced the Model-T.  I look forward to what the future brings if the general public will have access to vehicles such as this.

The highway of the sky is about to open.