Watching the Clock

Today I was forced to leave work early due to what might be my first 24-hour flu in almost 10 years.  Of course, I was still there for six of my usual eight hours.

Since getting home, I've tried sleeping off and on, but find that I can't seem to get myself to that state where I can easily lose consciousness.  Instead, I've sat on my bed with this trusty HP notebook and watched each and every change to my LED clock radio for the last nine hours.


Of course, I've been doing other things while combating the urge to reverse-digest my food … it's just amazing how slowly time moves when there is very little to keep you distracted.

Einstein once explained the theory of general relativity with the following example:

"If you hold your hand on a hot stove for a minute, it feels like an hour. Spend an hour with a beautiful woman, and it feels like a minute"

This is an apt analogy for my afternoon.

When I think back to the two weeks I recently spent with Reiko in Japan, it felt more like a few days.  When I think of the three weeks that have passed since my return to Canada, it feels like a few months.  I realize that this is due to a great many reasons, none of which I intend to address in this post, but I do look forward to the coming future when Reiko and I will share the same house.

While time may seem to move much faster when I'm with her, I have no qualms about quickly growing old with my Reiko-chan.