Flawless Upgrade

On Monday, the great people at WordPress released version 2.1 of their popular blogging software. I've been paying attention to this update for quite some time and found that my site would not have any problems upgrading. In fact, some of my plugins would work better and the pages would load faster.

So, today I took the plunge and made a complete backup of my website (rather than just a differential backup), copied it back to my computer (I hadn't realized that it has grown to 600+ MB with all the images), and upgraded the package.

All in all, it took a total of 20 minutes.  19 of those minutes involved the backup.  55 seconds was me staring at my screen saying "No way".  And the other 5 seconds involved loading the upgrade script and seeing the end result.

Flawless upgrade.

It doesn't matter how often I see happen.  I am always amazed by the consistent quality and reliability of this software package.

I tip my hat to the developers and testers who have put countless hours into this project.

Well done.