Opera's My New Browser of Choice

I've been using Opera for just over a day, and I can't believe how well it operates.  For the first time in over eight years, my default browser is no longer IE.

I've become rather accustomed to IE6 over the last five years, and all the little quirks that come with using the application.  I'll freely admit that I continued to use Microsoft's browser despite the frequent reports of exploits and other deficiencies, but none of the other browsers really appealed to me.  A few years ago I had given FireFox a chance to wow me, but it managed only to frustrate me with the miriyad of differences.  Opera, however, has come out on top as my new browser of choice.

There are quite a few things about this application that I enjoy.  As with most current browsers, there is a tabbed interface.  But on top of this is the ability to have my own custom CSS files (if I ever felt the need to override the various style sheets that are out there), a download manager, and a decent personal information container.  The list if features is a bit longer, but I've yet to explore that far into the application.  Just for my standard browsing, the experience has already proved superior.

One little area that I would like to see changed is Opera's handling of certain downloads.  I work with lots of Torrent files on a daily basis.  I am very happy with BitTornado and do not want to use Opera's built-in Torrent client.  To that end, I'd like to override the default so that BitTornado is called accordingly.  I'm sure that it can be done … I just haven't found the setting, yet.

This browser seems to run on almost anything.  There are versions for mobile phones and even the Nintendo DS.  A few friends have said how much they prefer this browser over the other standards, and I can certainly see why.

If you've grown tired of IE and FireFox, you might want to give this a try.