Giving Voice to My Internal Monologue

Since launching my initial website in October of 2006, many people have asked my I maintain a blog. Admittedly, I don't really talk about anything that would be interesting to most people, nor do I attract enough traffic to warrant a daily entry. To most people, I tell them the site is mainly for the image gallery. But to some people, I tell them the real reason: giving voice to my internal monologue.

Over the last few years I've noticed that my way of thinking has changed dramatically. Ten years ago I would have tried to sound intelligent to make up for my worldly ignorance. Five years ago I would have been much more reactionary and impatient. Two years ago I would have been truly optimistic for the first time since high school. And now … I'm not sure how to classify my thoughts.

For the moment, this site is somewhere between a personal journal and a place to rationalize ideas (though I haven't done that much lately). I'll admit that the posts from Japan were made not only for my personal historical benefit, but also so my friends and family could see how I was faring on the opposite side of the globe. But for the most part, this site exists to give me a place where I can express my thoughts as they exist for the moment. It's almost like a time capsule.

Hopefully in five to ten years I'll be able to look back at some of these posts and say something about them. I also hope that in that time, my personal site does not expand to include ads of any kind. One of the largest reasons I host my pictures on this site rather than Flickr or MySpace is to eliminate the ads. There are enough sites with AdSense and other flavours of the same thing, I don't need to be another drop in the bucket. And with the very limited traffic I generate, what kind of return could I expect with these advertisements? A dollar a year? Hardly worth the eyesore.

All this said, I'm currently working on plans to build yet another site on another domain that would be for a more commercial purpose. I have (what I think) are some very useful applications that could be used in a corporate environment, none of which are being considered by my current employer. To this end, since this work is all based on my designs and done on my own time, I'll be finishing the projects and making them available to the general public. At first the programs will be made available for free with a PayPal donation option, and a service / customization package will also be available for an attractive low price.

It's time to get my software out on the market, so I might be able to add a cushion to my future life with Reiko in Japan. I hope that one day, if I look back at this post, I can say "this was the point in my life where I finally got my act together."