Image Gallery Back!

Alright … it's taken just about 10 hours, but I've managed to upload about 400 pictures to the image galleries again.

With the migration of my webserver, I had determined it would be better to re-upload my picture gallery than just import the backup. This was for many different reasons, not the least of which being the image resolutions. One of the nice things about re-uploading all these pictures is that I've been able to add more than was originally posted. Last time, there were close to 250 images in the galleries.

I'll see what I can do to put some of my older pictures into the gallery, but the image quality for those shots is really low. These images would have been taken either with my first digital camera (a 3.2 MP device in 2002), or the camera I borrowed for a while a few years ago (a 2.0 MP Canon). One thing I have noticed about most of my pictures is that they suck. Often times I take pictures of what most people would describe as "nothing". To this end, I'll make sure that my future pictures are more audience friendly.

Hopefully this will be the last post regarding my website. Most people will notice that the address has changed, but the old one will forward you here. The link will continue to forward to this page also, as that was it's main purpose.

I guess this means I can get back to talking about some current events, my upcoming wedding, and the occasional philosophical entries where I try to rationalize or justify something.