Almost Fixed!

Alright, after several hours of exhaustive work, data imports, image imports and directory permissions … it seems that my site is mostly back to normal.

It appears that when my database crashed the other day, it was the result of a larger problem that I did not properly identify. After getting the system to partially work again, I decided to stop trying to band-aid the problem and start from scratch. I chose this method not because of my extensive Windows experience, but because of what I've learned over the last few months about my web server, as well as WordPress (the software that this site uses).

One of the advantages to starting with a clean slate is that I could change many of the initial settings I had configured, without damaging anything. Importing my old information was mostly simple (there were only a few custom plugins that I couldn't recover data from), and after a bit of testing, re-uploading my images has proved a positive experience. One of the things I did not like about my last site was the small size of the photo gallery pictures. After increasing the size, I found that the initial images were blurry and otherwise terrible, so I deleted them all and started to re-upload the albums. The image quality is now much higher and, hopefully, people will enjoy some of the photos more.

Of course this makes me wonder if it's time to get a better camera….


Over the next few days I'll be re-uploading a few hundred photos to the image galleries, and I'll even give this site a make-over to ensure w3c compliance. I'm seeing that most of the people that visit me use either FireFox or Netscape, so it's time I ensure their viewing the pages as I intended with IE.