Lost In the Ether

Well … I had a well written post for today about an Intellectual Property dilemma that I face, but it seems that my server decided to "lose" the information! After a brief examination of the database, as well as my cached files, it seems that the matter is lost for good.

Shame, too.

Perhaps I was a bit too quick to say that I didn't want a faster web server. Or perhaps I just need to change how my posts are written.

At one time, I would write everything out in Microsoft Word before posting it here. This was done mainly to ensure that I didn't make simple spelling mistakes, and to prevent large grammar mishaps. After a few weeks, I decided that the improper sentences and occasional spelling error would make this informal site look like it was written by someone who is usually paying attention to too many things … which is usually the case.

I guess this means that I should start using something like Notepad to write my entries before posting. Losing 45 minutes of work is something that hasn't happened to me in the last few years. This has certainly been a nice reminder of what was once a regular occurrance.

Sorry. I'll make sure tomorrow's post isn't lost.