Server Upgrades and Some Unexpected Complications

For the last two days I've been slowly upgrading my web server, and I must say, there have been some unexpeted complications.

Only twice has my site gone down due to unforseen hiccups in the update process. These updates weren't software-related failures, but instead, hardware capacity failures. It seems that my site attracts lots of attention from data-mining bots. When my site is under heavy load from them (more than 4 hits in 10 seconds, give or take), most of the server's resources go towards Apache and MySQL, which leaves very little room for other operations.

Yesterday I had connected a new hard drive to the server and I was copying over quite a large amount of data. Unfortunately, this caused some problems with the heavy internet load and caused my server to freeze! This is almost unheard of on Linux servers, but when they just don't have the resources to run effectively, they can starve and freeze just like their Windows cousins.

So … after lots of work and patience, the update is complete. This site shouldn't be going down any time soon, and now that I have the extra space, I'll be uploading lots of the pictures from my trips as well as some from around the area. I guess this means that I could be a tourist in my own city for a bit, since I've had many requests to take pictures of this area. With the snow all around, some of the shots might turn out quite well!