First Snow of the Season

I love winter.

The cold. The wind. The rain. The snow. I just can't get enough.

Walking through the cold makes me feel great to be alive. The wind is a fierce reminder that even air can hurt. Rain is what Vancouver and Richmond get most of the time, but the snow is what covers the mountains and makes the massive stone walls appear even more impressive for the half hour I'm outside during daylight.

Of course, with the cold comes the warm. Stepping into a home after braving the cold for an hour or two certainly gives one an appreciation for comfort. This also makes me wonder what the people who don't have a home are doing to keep warm. I've often considered this as the seasons change and we edge ever closer to the top of the globe.

Though I can't change the world all at once, I can certainly change someone's world. This weekend I'll donate some new blankets to the shelter. There's apparently quite the shortage, and if it costs me a couple of bucks, then so be it. I enjoy the warmth of my home and my electric blanket every day of the year. It's only human decency to help others enjoy some measure of heat during the coming months.