So Tired ...

It looks like my site has finally become more stable.

I still don't fully know what happened the other day to make it unloadable, but it looks to be in tip-top shape now. I've even added another cool little side-bar item: "Chuck Norris Facts".

I've been reading the Chuck Norris Facts for over a year now, and I still laugh pretty hard at some of the more creative ones. While killing time at work, I managed to find a script that would let me add it to my site, so here it is. Hopefully others who know about Chuck Norris will find it funny as well.

I've lost quite a few hours of sleep over the last week while working out the bugs to this site, so it will be nice to let it run for a while without my constant attention. It was my hope that after it was set up and running the way I liked, I would just connect once a day or every second day to submit a post about whatever I might be thinking about that day, or wherever I might happen to be. Perhaps this is still possible.

There are a few other nice functions that I have integrated into this site, but they will not be seen by many people. These are the simpler things like site counters, stats collectors, and the like. I'm interested to know not only who is checking out my site, but how often. If the traffic hits 20 unique hits per week, then I might just start making my posts more interesting.

Over the next few weekends I'll be uploading my collection of quality pictures, and tweaking a few of the functions and bugs on this site. One of the first bugs I want to hit is the frame disconnect when hovering over the bottom-most link in a panel box … it's just a visual nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless.

Alright, it's time to get ready for work. I need to leave soon, and the shower is calling. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the page.

Ja ne,