Holy Cow, Batman!

After spending most of the day at my keyboard and writing/modifying/obtaining PHP code, I've managed to get the site looking pretty complete!

The countdown timer is a nice touch. For the moment it will display the number of seconds remaining before my flight to Tokyo is scheduled to take off. I'll probably change that before going to the airport to show how many days until I return. I have no idea what to put after that, as there are no other specific dates that I can think of to use.

The weather bar on the side is also looking pretty good. That bar was the smoothest plugin I could install. Kudos to the development team, as their hardwork has certianly made less work for me. After getting the basics set up, it was just a matter of 1 line of code in my sidebar (aside from the seperate frame, which is a copy/paste job from existing frames).

Another cool feature is the Google Maps plugin. I've included a sample for this post, just to let you know where I'm currently sitting. The plan is to use this while in Japan to give people a better idea of where I am at any given time. For the moment, Google Maps doesn't like the Japanese address system, but perhaps I can hammer out some GPS coordinates or something similar that will work. It seems that everyone I talk to asks where I will be in relation to Tokyo … but they don't really know where Tokyo is, either.

My image gallery appears to be working, and there is still quite a bit more work that needs to go into that. However, so long as it's functional for the time being, I will be happy. It seems that I'll need to upload pictures in a 4-step process until I can get a faster/better/stronger server. However, once the pictures are uploaded, the current server will work just fine. That said, I'll just stick with the 4-step process.

For a brief period I tried to have a language bar on this site. This would have been a cool little feature as it would have translated my site into eight other languages by referencing the Google Language tools. Unfortunately, I could never make it work, so it was yanked. I might revisit this at some point in the future, but it's not a clear requirement.

The final note is the missing :88 from the end of my site address. I've decided to remove the port 88 reference because this was causing some problems with the Google Maps plugin, as well as the Google language bar. While I might not have the language bar installed anymore, there's still the possibility of adding it in the near future. Aside from that is the ease of finding my site. I highly doubt I'll ever get a real traffic load to my site, but if I do, I'll put some Ad Sense on here to recover the costs of bandwidth :P.

Most people say this site looks professional, now. Only one person recommended a change. Hmm … perhaps I could put some kind of polling software on here … this way people could vote whether they like the site design or not. So far, it's taken me several hours to learn PHP and construct it as it is. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't be better.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.