I Hope My PDA Can Go 12 Hours Without a Recharge

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but I just checked out where I will be sitting during my flight to Japan and back this coming Winter.

I have not flown very often, but luckily I have had the window seat each and every time. I enjoy looking out the window (before the plane gets above the clouds) and seeing the world below. This bird's-eye view gives me great appreciation of both nature, and the ingenuity of the human race. I can see well planned cities, and not-so-well planned cities. I can see the rivers and streams flow through lush greens, golf courses and even suburban residences. I can see the small cars travelling here and there as people go about their business.

Of course, this is just my excuse for not saying things like "I get claustiphobic when I'm stuck between a bunch of strangers in a tight space for hours and hours and I want to look outside to get at least a partial sense of space and freedom."

During my flight to Tokyo from Vancouver, I will not be sitting beside a window. Instead, I'll be sitting in the centre row of seats. Luckily I'll be on the outside, so I can assume that this means I'll be flying next to a married couple with one child. Hopefully that child knows how to relieve the stresses of cabin pressure.

On my last overseas flight, there were several children under two years of age that didn't know how to handle the cabin pressure. Unfortunately, the pressure would fluctuate quite often for some reason as well. The pressure changes alone gave me a terrible headache 30 minutes into the 10 hour flight, but the crying children only added to it. Even though I could listen to some music in order to escape the echoing cries, I could not drown it out completely.

My flight back will be a little better, because I'll have a window seat. I'll also be on one of the nice Boeing 767's as I fly back from Osaka. One little hitch will be that my seat cannot recline. I'll be right ahead of the rear cabin door. While this means I'll have a great unobstructed view of the ground (because I'll be ahead of the wing), and I'll be right beside the washrooms should nature decide to call, but I will not be able to get much of a comfortable sleep.

Oh well, I shouldn't complain.

I was able to obtain these flights pretty late into the season, and they were at a pretty decent price ($1430 return). Had I bought the tickets sooner, I could have saved a few hundred and maybe been able to request better seats. But even though I might not have the most comfortable flights, I'll get to spend two weeks with my Reiko-chan. That alone will make the 21 flight hours seem like nothing.

That said, I'll still bring my PDA and about 2 Gig of music with my trusty headphones just incase. Who knows … maybe I'll meet someone really interesting on these flights and make some new friends, or find some opportunities for work in Japan.