I Wouldn't Be So Paranoid If People Would Stop Sneaking Around

Since last Thursday I've been tracking some statistics involving my site, and I must say that I'm quite surprised by what I see. Thanks to reverse DNS lookups, I've been able to see that people from BC, Japan, China, South Korea, Ontario, California, Louisiana and Florida have viewed by blog. Only four of these locations don't surprise me.

I must admit … I wasn't expecting this site to generate so much traffic.

The first comment on this site was left by what I believe is a verification bot. Something that confirms the existence of my blog and then records that entry somewhere. This probably means that my site will appear on Google at some point, and I'll see random hits here and there. It's not that I don't welcome the random hit from the outside world, don't get me wrong. I'm just surprised by the range of locations, considering how the only people that know of this site's existence are on my MSN list.

For the last several years I have entertained the idea that I'm being watched for some reason. This sort of paranoid thinking is usually reserved for people who have committed some crime and expect to get caught. While I haven't exactly been a model citizen in my life, I can't think of more than a half dozen reasons I would be monitored. I've noticed that letter mail takes longer to receive, bank transactions take longer, and random MAC addresses appear on my router as other devices try and connect to my network.

I'm sure there are perfectly rational explanations for all of these … the post office is handling more junk mail, bank systems are being upgraded and transactions checked to ensure no terrorist organizations are being funded, and neighbouring devices are reporting my router as part of their standard site surveys.

I won't lose too much sleep over this, but I'm surprised by how quickly things are found online and shared with the world community. It's almost like everyone lives in a glass house, with everything open to anyone and everyone with a browser and basic internet connection. I have very little to hide, so I will not be locking this site to be "members only". I'm also pretty certain that even if I was being monitored for one reason or another, I wouldn't be permitted the freedom to move about like I do.

Or maybe this is exactly what they want me to think …