Don't Confuse Quantity for Quality

Playing a sport where the goal posts are constantly moving would be incredibly difficult, but this is an apt description for many of the little projects that we embark upon throughout our life. The goal posts are always moving. Sometimes we make some great plays and score a few points, other times the objectives are so far away that we consider throwing in the towel and taking on some easier task. Yet once in a blue moon we move the goal posts ourselves, position them just right, and make the game-saving plays required to rekindle something we thought was lost.

This is how I view the entire month of May's work on this site. I moved the goal posts at the end of April, stuck to the game plan, and had much better success than I ever could have hoped for.

A quick hover of the mouse over the last few months of archives will tell you that I typically post between 15 and 25 short articles on this site on varying subjects. May 2012, however, has more than double the number with 65. The reason is that I've decided to do a little test and see whether posting more would re-start my love for writing, and perhaps give me a little more focus on the types of articles that I put together. May also saw the re-introduction of something I had sort of done back in 2009, which is writing short stories. Unlike the 2009 stories, though, these are short stories that stand out on their own. There is no post analyzing the situation described in the work of fiction afterwards. Angry People1 and Running Man received some positive reviews, and The Traveller even had a few comments on Twitter, so this is something that I'll keep doing once a week going forward.

Another thing that has changed is not so much how often I post, but how I post. Before, I would do the majority of my writing in the desktop version of Evernote. A full sized keyboard is always much faster and more accurate than the one that ships on an iPod Touch, and there are also fewer instances of the note not being saved after a lot of text has been written in2. That said, typing on the iPod Touch has become second nature over the last few years and, aside from hitting the space bar when I want to hit 'N', there are relatively few errors when typing. This allows me to flush out ideas on the train, in a taxi, or just about anywhere else I might find myself during a typical work week. Aside from TweetBot, Evernote is my most-used iOS application; I'm writing that much.

What does this mean for this site? Will the 70-odd people subscribed to my RSS feed be subjected to even more posts of dubious quality? Perhaps. However, I would like to try and maintain this level of momentum. Believe it or not, there is an ultimate goal to all this writing. It's a really simple goal, too, but one that requires a great deal of work: I want to be a better writer.

Like with everything worth doing, the more we do something, the better we become. Hopefully this will be true of my writing. I want people to enjoy the content that I make available for free and share it with others. There is still a number of new things that I would like to try on here, and a few things that I will try online away from here. 2012 will be a busy year, but I think it'll be an interesting one for readers.

  1. Angry People is non-fiction, but the other two stories are complete works of fiction
  2. the latest update to Evernote is really hit-and-miss with it's offline saving
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