The End of the World It Is Not

Being Cinco De Mayo in Brazil, Children's Day in Japan, and May 5th all over the world, it should come as no surprise that dates with repeating numbers are being used by nutjobs with more money than brains to promote their own agenda1 and claim that the end of the world is nearing. Here's a perfect example of the idiocy that people are exposed to all day, every day online.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the "End Time" has been here since the Crusades, and probably even before that. In every major Abrahamic religion, angels, demons, and every other non-human entity in the clouds or under the Earth have been primed and ready to pounce in the Battle to End All Battles for centuries. The constant beating of the war drums with the expectation that people will believe something they read on the Internet or hear some poorly-dressed individual who looks like a drug-addict shout on the side of the road is beyond belief.

Will the world end one day? Absolutely. Will it end due to humanity's sins and endless greed? That's a very real possibility. Will an advertisement on the Internet lead the lost back into the light where they can redeem themselves and live a life of piety? Highly doubtful.

I've spent a great deal of my life studying religion2, but I've yet to see alarmists present solid proof of past signs or clear directions for the future. What's worse is that most of the alarmists don't even read the original texts their Holy books are based on. A lot can be lost in translation, and it's these little details that can lead people to very wrong, very dangerous conclusions. It's okay to try and bring people into a religion, so long as the invitations are not forced. It's not okay to mislead people due to poorly understood, over-translated texts written in a time period that barely resembles any sense of society that we have on this world today.

  1. an agenda that just so happens to also elevate these very same nutjobs to positions of great power
  2. as this was going to be my path in life ... so I thought
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