Confusion reigns over who will foot bill for delayed Tokyo Olympics | The Japan Times


Confusion emerged Tuesday over who will shoulder the additional costs for the postponed Tokyo Olympics after the International Olympic Committee said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe committed Japan to cover the amount while the top government spokesman denied any agreement.

In a question-and-answer post on its website Monday, the IOC said Abe has “agreed that Japan will continue to cover the costs it would have done under the terms of the existing agreement for 2020, and the IOC will continue to be responsible for its share of the costs.”

“For the IOC, it is already clear that this amounts to several hundred millions of dollars of additional costs,” it states.

The postponement is projected to add approximately ¥300 billion ($2.7 billion) to the games’ price tag.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday disputed the IOC’s statement, saying Abe has not agreed that Japan will foot any additional costs.

“There is no such agreement,” he told reporters during his daily briefing.

Aside from receiving money for other people’s efforts, what exactly does the IOC do? They’re of less use than a used tissue. In happier news, not only will kids in Japan be paying for the bailouts the government is giving people for the COVID-19 issue, they’ll be paying for the stupid Olympics, a failing pension system, and a crumbling infrastructure that is repaved but never maintained.

Lovely 🙄