The last few days have been busy as heck … hopefully I can get caught up on the online stuff this morning….

Couldn't sleep last night because JR was doing maintenance on the track next to my house. From 1 am to 4 am all I could do was listen …

Alright … time for sleep. Another early rise tomorrow.

Stuck in Fuso … don't know why.

At the train station early for a super-early language lesson in Nagoya. Today will involve 70+ high school students in 3 hours … sigh.

Alright … time for sleep. Actually have to do real work tomorrow :'(

Done for the day in Kanigawa. Time to head home.

Why is it the only place I can find wifi at my customers' office is in the bathroom? Ugh … what a smell =_=

It figures that the train that is forever 3 minutes early arrives 6 minutes late. Another unnecessary dash to the train station ….

YATAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Japan WINS!!!!!