Ugh … it's way too early to be awake =_=

Wow … Twitter is slow tonight. Maybe it's no longer cool now that it's all over the press? Nah … that's not it :P

Back home early … hard to believe just how much has been done today …

It seems some execs are starting to take notice of what effective software can do for their bottom line. There's a sense of hope in the air!

lots of rain in Gifu today … can't wait to get out there to feel the cool wind against my face! Shame my pants will get wet, though …

Done another day … at last! It seems that I've been drafted into web design by the company, and my boss is suggesting I get a raise…hmm

Back at 駅前 for another 3-hour tour. Hopefully Gilligan isn't on board ….

alright, time to head off to 伏見 LC. Still gotta do six lessons today :P

Conversation is over … it looks like I'm the new (and sole) web developer for my employer

5 minutes to go before the big meeting with the site development team.This could be the first step in leaving the classroom for programming!