Just got back from an 犬キサ (a dog cafe) with the Mrs. Wasn't what she was expecting, but she had a good time anyway :)

Didn't get out of the door in time, so it looks like we've missed the planetarium show …

Alright … time for bed. Night all.

The Mrs.: "I knew someone that went snowboarding, and they turned into a plant." - I've never laughed so hard at someone else's misfourtune.

On the way home after a long day. Should hear about my "sideways promotion" by Tuesday. Date with the Mrs tomorrow. All is well :)

Almost done … just another 2 hours …

Half the day is done, so now it's time for lunch and a healthy dose of cold coffee. Mmm … coffee …

Alright … time to head off to a quick 9.5-hour series of marathon lessons

Ugh … it's way too early to be awake =_=

Wow … Twitter is slow tonight. Maybe it's no longer cool now that it's all over the press? Nah … that's not it :P