Does anyone else find it interesting that Penn & Teller are still on TV? Telling the truth is usually dangerous in a world full of deceit…

just finished the latest Fast & Furious movie … it seems to be the only title out of the US worth watching, lately.

The battleship that once struck fear into the minds of the allied forces can now be yours for only 190円! Good deal?

Is anyone else finding the new タマホム commercials annoying as heck?

well … thanks for trying, MS, but it's back to VS2005 until something comes up that can only be solved with the newer tools.

wow … I thought MS said they were optimizing VS2010 to be quick … it's insanely slow. Takes way too long to accomplish every single task

What the heck? After a 4 hour install of Visual Studio 2010, I find that I can't make mobile apps? ひどいよ! Well … back to VS2K5 for WM6 apps

Giving VisualStudio2010 Beta 1 a go. Hopefully it can run decently on a stock AspireOne :P

What are the best headphones for under 10,000円? Need to replace these stock Samsung's with something that doesn't distort

Does anyone believe the numbers on TwitterCounter? I'm ranked 239,444th out of how many million? Hah! I've never been that popular … ever!