#Apple is not to blame for your exploding/imploding/overheating #iPhone: http://bit.ly/3j6Qwf

It's a lovely day in Nagoya. Shame I'll waste it by working :P

Anyone else watching 20th Century Boys? Weird, weird, weird. Alas … that's 20th Century Boys for ya :P

ugh … why can't I type think anymore? the 'g' is all the way in the middle of the keyboard but, somehow, it manages to get in the way…

Does anyone who moves to Japan ever get used to the stuff shown on TV? I can't help but thing everything is organized like a Family Guy ep.

The day is done … yokatta. So tired.

Sooooooo busy today. Only 20 minutes for lunch, bathroom, and … Twitter -_-

Alright … it's time to get some sleep. G'night world!

What's a good GPS with BlueTooth for less than 8,000円? Need one for some upcoming personal projects …

Of course, that's probably not the case at all. Probably just looking too deep into these "what if" questions for an olive branch to seize.