Why do statisticians make such a big deal about # of domains created in 2009 when so many of them are like kljasdghghalsdf.info?

Hmm … is there some sort of strange filter going on with Twitter's API right now? I'm not seeing everyone's Tweets through Seesmic

But, having owned two businesses in the past, I'm not someone who wants to work for a big company all my life. I want to BE that big company

The one thing I don't like about living in Japan is that half of my business plans are impossible in this country… I need to stop thinking

Lots of rain today. The rivers are looking clean, quick, and refreshed :)

Alright … time for work!

Gah … Engadget's RSS feed is still invalid. What the heck am I supposed to read on the train, now? (Invalid Token: not well-formed)

In one week, a Windows Server system partition will go from 0.01% fragmentation to 2.97%. Why? Apparently, my DLLs are fragmenting … :/

Almost time for sleep. I think tomorrow's little project will be to update my site's mobile theme … been using the same one for two years.

Just watched some Olympic highlights … work is really getting in the way of seeing Canada kick some European ass :P