The Other Side

After what seems like an eternity, the world is at long last starting a new calendar year. Many of the same issues that made the past twelve months frustrating and unbearable continue to plague us but, with the clock striking midnight to mark the beginning of 2021, our optimistic hopes for the next 365 days can seem plausible … at least for a while.

Optimism is what powers hope. Hope is what enables people to work through the various unwelcome challenges that life throws our way, generally by setting some goals; no matter how small. For me, there are a number of goals that I will aim to achieve before the clock strikes midnight to ring in 2022. These include:

  • publishing a book on digital textbooks and their role in geographically distributed education
  • laying the foundation to become an official Ubuntu Member
  • changing employers

The first two items have seen some consistent work since November of last year and are starting to show dividends. Time will tell whether these will continue to generate positive interest from the global community. The third is something I've been talking about "forever" but is becoming more of a critical issue. There are some great people at the day job who I genuinely enjoy working with, but there are just too many compromises that need to be made in order for me to carry on. This isn't an ideal situation for anyone involved, so moving on seems logical.

There are other hopes for 2021, of course, including the health and safety of my family and friends around the world, but these cannot easily be turned into goals.

Either way, we've made it through to the other side. Yes, there's still a lot of stress, frustration, and anxiety. Yes, there are a lot of people taking advantage of the chaos that is winding its way through communities around the world. Yes, we will all have a big mess to clean up in the very near future. That said, we're 12 months closer to completion than we were a year ago. This is something to be optimistic about.