Five Things ... and 3,000 Days

Earlier today I discovered that 10Centuries has now been live for 3,000 days. It was August 1st, 2012 when the server was brought online and my account created. The first version of the system ran on the v2 platform, a re-write of the Evernote-dependent software that came before it. Today 10Centuries is running on the v5 platform and it continues to see updates to make the system better, faster, and more secure as time goes on. As today is a round-number anniversary, I thought it would be fitting to look at five updates that are coming down the pipe for the coming winter.

A New Social Design

The current site design for Nice.Social has been largely unchanged for almost 900 days. Sure, there have been fixes, tweaks, and additions over time, but the underlying visual structure has remained untouched. This needs to change.

A couple of months ago I hired a UI designer to help me envision what a modern version of Nice.Social might look like. I asked for a purple colour scheme and a consistent design language. They came back with something that I believe looks quite decent. Two weeks ago I started work on making the theme come to life and I'm hoping to have it complete enough for a community vote before November. So long as there are no serious complaints, it will go live on November 1.

As with many of the 10C works-in-progress, people can see the current state by visiting As the URL suggests, the system may not seem all that complete at any given time.

Evernote Integration

Yep, Evernote integration is coming back … primarily because I've been using Evernote regularly again1. This will allow people to publish new posts to their blogs from a notebook of their choosing and send existing posts back to Evernote. This will allow people to always have a copy of their post locally, which is ideal for anyone who wants a local backup.

Another Blog Theme, but for Photos

This is a long time coming. I would really like to have a good photoblog -- behind a password -- that I can share with family. This will allow them to see (curated) pictures of the boy and maybe read some stories about what he did on a given day. iCloud shared photo albums work with some members of the family, but not everyone has or wants and Apple device. The theme will not have to exist behind a password, of course, as it would be designed for anyone to use and enjoy.

Blog Comments

This is self-explanatory. One of the main reasons that comments have not existed on blogs is due to the "anonymous commenter" problem. 10C does not have an anonymous persona for people who do not wish to create an account and it seems ridiculous to create one. That said, there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible for people with 10C accounts to comment on blog posts via the blog itself when people have long been able to do so from Nice.Social.

An RSS Reader

One of the big things that I'm trying to address with the social site redesign is readability. As the new design does have a lot of improvements on how people can read and interact with posts, it makes sense to make 10C's mostly-hidden RSS Reader features into the social client. This will give people an opportuntity to unify some of the streams they read. There are a couple of features that are part of the RSS reader that should save people some time when reading certian types of articles and there will be options available for people to create response posts and quotations to post on their blog(s) right from the reader itself.

This will hopefully be in place before December.

Three thousand days is not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things and 10C still has the goal of ensuring the words we publish today are available a thousand years from now. This means there are still 362,250 days to go to deliver on the promise. During this time there will be quite a bit of work done to ensure the platform remains an interesting and viable place for just about anyone to share their words with the present and the future. Hopefully some of these planned changes will appeal to people.

  1. I wanted to like Agenda, and there are a lot of things that I do like about that note-taking system. But something just doesn't quite click with me in the same way Evernote does.