Osaka Through Different Eyes

The family and I are in Osaka for the night, making this the fifth adventure in the fifth prefecture in the last five weeks. This amount of travel is highly unusual for us, as Reiko and I have gone almost nowhere in the last ten years due to having jobs where our holidays seldom overlapped, and a general lack of excess capital. While we are not quite as cash strapped as before, we understand very well that bills won’t stop coming just because they’re inconvenient. This will like be our last big trip of the year. Fortunately it has been quite eventful.

In the six hours that we’ve been in Japan’s most lively city …

  • We checked into a really nice hotel
  • We had some amazing okonomiyaki and yakisoba for dinner
  • The boy had photos with both Elmo and Cookie Monster
  • We rode some nice rides
  • Reiko lost her phone
  • Reiko got her phone back
  • Bath time actually involved a bath1

After everything was said and done the boy fell asleep within a couple of minutes and Reiko did the same. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as exciting … minus the time spent at the Lost & Found.

  1. We generally shower, because it uses less water and we don’t want to have any accidental — or intentional — drownings.