Wet Feet

In a world designed for adults, it's nice to enjoy being a kid every now and again. Being Friday, I brought the boy to a nearby park1 where he could run around and use his energy without fear of breaking anything. There were quite a few "firsts" today, too. The first time he went through a tunnel on a jungle gym all by himself. The first time he drank from a water fountain2. And the first time he walked barefoot in a stream3. Naturally, I had to join him.

Standing in the Fountain

More than twenty years have passed since I last stood in flowing water. It felt just as nice today as it did when I was young and innocent. If there's one idea that the boy has helped reinforce, it's that things I enjoyed as a child are just as enjoyable today as they were back then.

  1. It's the same park where I like to go and sit on the hill but, given that the hill is a bit too steep for him to climb, we go to the more family-friendly side.

  2. After I told him in no uncertain terms to keep his lips OFF the damned chrome nozzle.

  3. An artificial stream, of course. The nearest natural one that I know of is absolutely filthy. Mud and mosquitoes everywhere.