When the mind is a mess, what sort of ideas can be teased out of the jumble? Does it even make sense to record the discombobulated thoughts in an effort to better understand them? As with so many things in life and technology, the answer to these questions will always be "It depends". Whether a person wishes to use their time to scribble nonsense on paper or just stare blankly at the wall is a decision best left to the individual. What do I do in these situations? Well … it seems I piss away an hour looking for a royalty-free stock photo I can crop and pass through a monochrome filter.


The second rule in 12 Rules for Life is to treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. I'm responsible for helping an awful lot of people, including a puppy, and they all get priority over my needs. Staying up until 2:30 in the morning in order to read books, attend meetings, or otherwise "get one more thing done" before bed is just silly, though. There's a hard wake-up time of 7:30am every morning as that's when the boy generally starts talking and demanding freedom from his enclosed bed. If anyone in my house were to do this, I'd tell them to get to bed by the time 1:00am rolled around. Why don't I tell myself the same thing? Sleep is quite important, and I'm not young enough to handle more than a pair of late nights back to back without paying for it cognitively by the third day.

Why is it so difficult for a person to take better care of their needs?

For me the problem comes down to expectations. I make a list of things that I expect to complete on a day and I'll keep working until every item on the list for that day is crossed off. These can often be completed before midnight. Lately the list needs a couple of extra hours. Is there any benefit to working late during the week, though? Unless there is a hard deadline to meet, the most logical day to work past midnight would be Friday, as there wouldn't be any work the following day and an afternoon nap is most certainly possible when the boy must take his.

I really must take better care of myself. From ensuring a decent amount of sleep to walking a set distance every day, these small matters make a big difference.