Useful Communication

The boy loves to talk. From the moment he wakes up until later in the day when he loses consciousness1 he has something to say. Colours. Numbers. Vegetables. People. Books. Characters from his TV shows. Everything will be said at least a hundred times an hour. Given the boy is not yet two, this is apparently a pretty decent amount of linguistic development. What's interesting, though, is that the boy is now moving beyond one and two word statements to adjective+noun, person+location, and — as of the last few weeks — personal conditions. When he's uncomfortable, he'll say so. When he's sad, he'll say so. When he wants to play, he'll say so. At last … useful communication!

Watching the boy learn how to interact with the world has been quite fascinating. Every few days he surprises me with something new. It's easy to see why most parents think their children are way more skilled and talented than similarly-aged kids.

  1. This would be nap time or bed time, of course. I'm not knocking him out.