On Writing Important Things

Randolph recently wrote a post about a chapter they wrote for an upcoming Melody Zacharias book entitled "Let Them Finish". While the majority of the book — to the best of my understanding — is about technology, Randolph opted to tackle a much harder subject in their[1. Randolph has asked that people use the pronouns "them", "they", and "their" towards them.] chapter: expressing how queer rights are human rights.

The title of Randolph's post was "On writing important things", a title I have borrowed (and proper-cased) here because on reading their article and seeing how they worded each paragraph I asked myself what important things I've read in the last few years and whether any of those topics had any lasting effects. A lot of them have, and I've made the effort to share the insights with people whenever possible, especially when ignorant prejudices are voiced. There is still a lot for me to learn about the people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and there will always be another point of view to understand from those with drastically different histories.

Ultimately, what I hope to see is writers like Randolph writing important things and readers around the world sharing them, discussing them, learning from them. Humans rights and our understanding of them have evolved quite a bit over the last century, but we still have a long, long way to go before we can take it for granted that every person on the planet is treated fairly and with the respect they deserve regardless of whatever differences that may exist between people.

I look forward to reading what Randolph has written when their chapter is released. Hopefully there is more to come.